EU or EU Has issued regulations on fishing for fish to be sold in the EU. Was arrested by the correct process.

    What is IUU Fishing
    • I - Illegal
    • U - Unreported
    • U - Unregulated
    The main conditions of Regulation
    Exporting fishery products to the European Community to certify products and fishery products exported to the European Community, did not come from IUU fishing by attaching a certified fishery (Catch Certificate) of exports.
    1. To prevent, deter and eliminate illegal fishing. He noted that the illegal fishing trade is not fair trade.
    2. Our focus is to reduce the amount of illegal fishing illegally. Waters to ensure the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources.
    Thailand has protected the IUU fishing.
    • There are laws about fishing regulations, such as Act. Fisheries Ministry of Agriculture. Province Announces etc.
    • The registration of ships The licensing board The license Licensing operators of fishing (leaves. 6).
    • Protected surveillance offense fishing.
    • There is cooperation between government agencies and citizens in the management of fishery resources. And surveillance Offense

    The fishing vessels must comply with the rules IUU.
    • Thailand has registered ship / vessel license.
    • A license or the license. 6.
    • Fishing by the law.
    • The fishing by fishing diary.