Policies, resources, labor

    Social and environmental sustainability, and best practices for business partners.


              TRF Feed Mill Public Company Limited recognizes that "business partner" is the chain's success in delivering quality products and services in value. And safety Can be traced back On the basis of business operations with social responsibility and. The Company believes that the success of the security and environmental sustainability. Based on need Social responsibility and environmental systems, as well as the business processes of the company and its business partners. The sustainable procurement policies and practices for business partners. To ensure that the business processes of companies and business partners with a consistent and legally. Regulation The policy and practice is not only to help develop the capacity to leverage competitive. And strengthen The long-term growth go together. If there is an opportunity for companies and business partners. Contribute to improve the overall social and environmental well.


              Policies and guidelines applicable to this company TRA's Feed Mill Public Company Limited including delivery to the business partners of the company applied to business.


              Company means TRF Feed Mill Public Company Limited.

              Business Partner refers to the delivery of goods and services.


              To ensure that the operation of the business partners comply. Sustainable procurement The company has established guidelines for the management of supply, as follows.

      • Staff training related to knowledge and understanding of the policy. And guidelines

      • Forward policies and practices to business partners.

      • Monitoring and evaluating the performance of business partners continuously.

      • Develop the capacity and capabilities on a competitive basis. Responsibility and set guidelines for business partners. Comprehensive approach to operations in four main areas.

      1. Products and services PRODUCT & SERVICE

              As a manufacturer of animal feed companies to focus and pay great attention to the subject. "The quality and safety throughout the food chain," which is a key source in providing product and service quality and safety for consumers. Expect business partners are as follows.

        • Food Safety and Quality

                Or business partners to create products and quality service. Safe and environmentally friendly Through tightly controlled and managed properly. In order to deliver products and services that meet the requirements of companies and business partners who provide testimonials.

        • Traceability

                Business Partners will be able to provide evidence or documents certifying the origin of products and services. Including standards for quality and safety of production processes, the company and related parties. If it has been requested during the audit.

      2. PEOPLE

              Company with a focus on treating employees with fairness and respect for human rights. Expect business partners to focus on this issue by doing the following.

        • Child Labor  

                Business partners will comply with international labor laws and that the minimum age for employment. And not to force a minor work that is harmful to health and development. Including the impact of compulsory education.

        • Forced Labor

                Business partners will not engage in or support the use of forced labor in all its forms and will not be charged for identity documents or any of its employees, except for the actions that are contrary to law.

        • Discrimination

                Business partners will respect the differences and treat employees equally. Without the benefit of employees or deprived unjustly caused by race, nationality, ethnicity, color, ancestry, religion, social status, age, disability, gender or disability. Political and marital status.

        • Compensation

                Business Partners will pay the compensation and benefits in different ways. Compliance with labor laws And will not withhold the wages of employees not under any circumstances. Unless excluded by law

        • Working Hours

                 Business Partners will set up normal work hours than the legal limit. And to ensure that overtime hours an employee is required by law.

        • Freedom of association and collective

                 Business partners will respect the right of employees to form or join a trade union to participate in the negotiation process of the law.

        • Occupation al Health and Safety

                Business Partners will provide environmental equipment, including operational safety and hygiene. This includes determining the control procedures. Practice safe To prevent accidents and occupational diseases and other technical measures. Suitable job To reduce the risk The potential employees. As well as a disruption in the production process.

        Anti-human Trafficking

        1.      I do not use the labor of trafficked workers, both domestic and foreign labor.

        2.       The companies will jointly prevent and combat human trafficking by labor legislation

        3.      does not promote, support and labor resulting from trafficking in all its forms. Both workers and domestic workers abroad.

      3. PROCESS

              The company recognizes the value and importance of natural resources and the environment. Which is the source and foundation of industrial feed production. It operates under the guidelines. Green Business Green Business or compliance with laws, regulations, and strict management of resources in the production process more efficient. And benefits Including the development of innovative manufacturing approaches. The eco-friendly As business partners as part of the implementation process. The companies expect the cooperation of business partners operating in line and in the same direction.

        Environmental Management

                Business partners will comply with environmental laws and regulations, both nationally and locally. As well as to support operations that are friendly to the environment, resource management, energy, water and waste efficiency. Contribute to climate change mitigation. As well as the conservation of natural resources and biodiversity to maintain the ecological balance.

        Efficiency Improvement / Business Innovation

                Business Partners will co-operate and exchange ideas, knowledge and experience. To improve processes continuously. Bring optimization or innovation in business.


              The company adheres to the principles of corporate governance. Proper risk management And compliance with laws and regulations relating to corporate management efficiency. The system is transparent and accountable. Therefore expects business partners, which operates in conjunction with the Company's approach to corporate management consistent. It covers issues such as:

        Law and Regulation Compliance

                 Business partners will comply with the laws and regulations of the countries where the company is incorporated.

        Risk Management

                Business Partners will monitor the situation and economic, social and environmental risk factors more closely with impact assessment and guidelines for risk management itself. For business both short and long term.


                Business Partners will report financial results or financial position fully transparent. And verified the information presented in the financial reports should be accurate, conform to generally accepted accounting principles.

        Equal Treatment of Shareholder

                Business Partners will provide information to its shareholders as a whole adequately and equitably. As well as measures to prevent executives from using inside information to benefit themselves or others in the abuse.

        Fair Operating

                Business partners will operate on the basis of compliance with the rules and ethics and not to take any action. This creates a competitive advantage unjustly.


                 Business partners will support and cooperate in the fight against corruption. The policy Risk Management Plan Establish a mechanism for reporting and follow-up or training and raise awareness of potential fraud and anti-corruption staff.

        Disclosure of Privacy Information

                Business partners will respect the rights of customers and partners. It does not use or disclose information of customers and suppliers without permission. Unless otherwise required by law to comply.

      Companies expect business partners to communicate sustainable practices above employees. The effectiveness and efficiency in the supply and delivery of responsible and sustainable companies and partners business.