TRF Feedmill Co.,Ltd. (TRF FEED MILL CO.,LTD) Founded on August 1st 2554 by

    Khun Ampai Hankaiwirai
    (President Board Executive)
    Dr Preecha Ekatumasuit (D.V.M.) Khun Surapong Hankaiwirai Dr Suphot Wanitkitkourpol (D.V.M.)
    (Managing Director) (Managing Director) (Deputy Managing Director)

             A joint venture fodder. To accommodate growing businesses, the Company's vision to be a leading provider of quality aquatic animals feed. To Improve Business The aquaculture continuous and sustained by a policy committed to producing quality forage. To the satisfaction of our customers and the continued development of the organization. It is committed to the advancement and stability back to the customers and staff of
             the company has been certified GMP , HACCP , ISO9001 , BAP , TLS 8001 currently has a production capacity of aquatic animals feed. 96,000 tonnes of shrimp feed per year, divided into 60,000 tonnes and 36,000 tonnes of fish feed per year in the future and is ready to expand production capacity to 200,000 tons per year.